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  • Importance of Akik Stone & Its Benefits

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    The Aqeeq stone is a greatly revered stone in Islam, and it is surprising to know that the Aqeeq stone has been in use right from the time of Adam.

    In essence, Akik is a beautiful stone which we can find in a host of colors, and these include white, yellowish, green, black, reddish and grey. It is believed that the Aqeeq stone, also known as Onyx, absorbs the rays of the sun, and these are then passed on to the body. So this amazing stone lets one overcome one’s flaws, fears in life, and even loneliness. Aqeeq gives one a sense of strength and courage.

    With the Aqeeq stone, one builds joy in the heart, and it’s even good for the eyesight. The stone allows one to have a sense of strength and courage.

    As per traditions, it is stated that in heavens, there are mountains of Aqeeq. It is these mountains that shade that palaces of the Holy Prophet, Bibi Fatima and Iman Ali, and they forever praise and glorify Allah (swt).
    Akik brings numerous benefits on a person. It not just increases a person’s sustenance (rizq), but also ensures that one keeps wary of dangers of all sorts, and these include black magic, disasters, and even misfortunes and accidents.

    Aqeeq would protect you from all terrifying circumstances, which include facing oppression, or facing one’s enemy.


    The Akik stone has a great significance in history as well. The holy prophet Muhammad SAW himself used to wear an Aqeeq ring. It is reported that the holy prophet had advised Hazrat Ali to wear a ring with an Aqeeq stone as well, as Aqeeq is a stone which confirms the Oneness of Allah, and the prophethood of Rasoolallah.
    It is believed that the holy prophet used to wear a silver Aqeeq ring, and the ring was given to him by Hazrat Jibraeel from Jannah.

    Imam Musa e Kazim (pbuh) has said that using a Tasbeeh of Aqeeq is a great sawab. And for the Aqeeq stone, it has even been said by Imam Jaffar e Sadiq (pbuh) that reciting a prayer with an Aqeeq stone is 40 times better than reciting a prayer without.


    It is believed that the Aqeeq or Onyx stone has many benefits on our everyday life and existence. The gemstone on being adorned nourishes our bodies by the aid of earhtone color rays. It opens the lines of communication within the body, and even facilitates the myriad functions of the body.

    The body is thus facilitated to come to realize and then work upon any disharmonies that may exist.
    Moreover, the Onyx stone is even said to boost and sharpen one’s mental faculties. So one’s mental clarity improves, memory is enhanced, and one develops within himself the ability to see things from a higher perspective. It is believed that on wearing the Aqeeq stone, the one is able see things clearly, as the cloud which suppresses the clarity of mind begins to disappear.

  • Gemstones in Islam


    One might at times find himself wondering about gemstones in Islam, or ponder upon questions like if Ruby is mentioned in Quran.
    A narration by Hazrat Anas can help us reflect upon the idea.
    The Holy Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to adorn a silver gemstone ring, and it was an Abyssian gemstone. (Muslim, Libas, 61). Some scholars believe the gemstone to be a Cornelian. As the mine of the gemstone was in Abyssia, the gemstone is known as an Abyssian gemstone. (See Nawawi for explanation of the related hadith)
    However in some of the narrations, the gemstone Cornelian has been mentioned clearly. We can even find a phase “the gemstone of the ring was cornelian” (See Nawawi for explanation of the related hadith)

    Men and women can both wear Emerald rings, or gemstones such as Ruby stone, and that is unobjectionable. But it has been mentioned that it is makrooh or detestable, if a man wears a ring which has more than one stone. (al-Hawi lil-Fatawi, 1/115-116; Fatawi-i Hindiyya, 5/335).

    Wearing gemstones or semi precious stones can’t be mentioned as haram, Gemstones are Nematullah, just like so many gifts Allah has given us, so we can put to use and attain benefits.

    Some of the gemstones have been mentioned in Surah Rehman.
    “Out of them both come out Pearl and Coral” [55:22]
    It has even been mentioned,

    “ (In Beauty) they are like Rubies and Coral” [55:58].

    And in the next Surah Waqi’ah,

    “Like unto preserved pearl” [56:23].

  • Places to Visit in Madinah (Part - 2)


    6. Walk Down To The Beautiful Mt. Uhud

    When in Madinah, one must make it a point to walk down to the Mount Uhud. The range is 7 kilometers in length, and 3 kilometers wide, and at the top of the mountain are some little markets, where vendors sell all sorts of products.

    From the top of the mountain, you are sure to find a magnificent view of the neighboring landscape.

    7. The Desert At Mada’en Saleh

    If you always have been fascinated by the rustic charm of deserts, you must drop down to the northern and southern part of Al Nafud, where you would find the ancient structure of Mada’in Saleh. This has often been stated to be the most amazing sights in the entire Saudi Arabia!

    But it has often been suggested that to make sure that one does not miss the site, one must start early, and catch the location while it is open.

    8. The Masjid Al Qiblatain - Simply A Must See

    For anyone who loves architecture, the Masjid Qiblatain is simply a must see, and one of the finest spiritual and sanctum places to visit in Madinah. The mosque is a very traditional construction, and at the mosque, you’d find twin domes and minarets. There is a raised prayer platform, and in entirety, a visit to the Masjid al-Qiblatain is an unforgettable experience.

    9. The Old Bazaar

    Sometimes people say that unless one visits the Old Bazaar, the visit to Madinah is not complete. The place is considered to be amazing. You could find some Arabic products, and this is a perfect shopping destination if you are on a lookout for souvenirs.

    10. An Archaeological Trail Of Madinah

    Madinah is a priceless location, even when someone is on a trail for some archeological discoveries, and is fascinated by archaeology as a whole.

    Merely at a distance of 400 kms from Madinah, you’d find traces of ancient civilizations, which have made a mark in the history.

    As an example, you can find the city of Al Ula, this would have historic parts, and a castle as well, which is 45 meters above the town.

    And right beneath the Al Ula, there would be Mada’in Saleh, which would have historical constructions.

  • Places to Visit in Madinah


    Madinah is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and being in the pious city of Madinah is such a spiritual experience, which cannot be explained in words.
    When in Madinah, there is a lot to do, and even as you find time and space for your spiritual self, there are a host of places to visit in Madinah.
    1. Visit the Al-Masjid e - Nabawi, the mosque of the prophet

    The Masjid Al Nabawi is the second holiest shrine in Islam, after the Makka Mukarma, and it is also the place where the holy prophet (PBUH) was buried. One of the distinctively attractive sights in the mosque is the green dome, or the wonderful Gumbad-e Khizra.

    2. Shop at the Malls of Madinah

    While you are at Madinah, you must take time out to visit the shopping malls. Madinah is very much of a shoppers’ paradise, and you can spend your afternoons shopping at the Al Noor mall, the Al Rashida Mega Mall, or the Al Hasn Mall.

    3. Do visit the amazing Quba Mosque

    Masjid al-Quba is one an architectural marvel, and when at Madinah, you must make it a point to visit the al Quba mosque. The Mosque lies in outlying environs of Madinah.

    4. Enjoy the best of restaurants

    While in Madinah, you must also make it a point to visit the fascinating variety of restaurants that the city offers. You could find Arabic restaurants, Indian and Pakistani restaurants, and a host of western restaurants as well!

    5. A day trip down to Yanbu Beach

    Another very distinctive attraction that the city of Madinah offers is the Yanbu beach. The beach is located 200 kilometers from Madinah, and when you visit Yanbu, it offers a multitude of travelling experiences.

    If you are into Aquatic sports, you could some spend time diving and snorkeling. Aquatic life and coral reefs are must-not –miss features of Yanbu.

    You could spend time, shopping in the modern city. Or you could take a journey into the past, in the old town of Yanbu.

    After you enjoy your time at the beach, take a walk in Al Balad, you would find some shopping malls and new buildings.

    Alternately, Yanbu offers some traditional desert architecture as well.

  • Holiday Destinations for Eid Al Fitr Istanbul


    Eid al Fitr is just around the corner, and while the environment is sanctum with anticipation, many of us are also considering finding a last minute escape for the Eid holidays.
    If you have been steadfast in your search for holiday destinations for Eid holidays this year, Istanbul is an option that you just wouldn’t want to miss!
    And there are some very exciting facts which are associated with Istanbul. The city is divided nearly into half by the Bosphorous River, wherein one half is with Europe, and the remainder falls in Asia. And the environment within the beautiful city of Istanbul, it’s always charged with excitement.
    What all tourists love about Istanbul, is the food. You could find some dripping Kebabs, some succulents, even fresh simit, which are rings of bread decorated with sesame seeds.
    There would be some delightful fruit teas, and even some lokum or Turkish delight. You’d find the street sellers to be charismatic, and they’re always there.
    So spending time in Turkish cafes and Istanbul restaurants, eating and enjoying your teas; it’s fun. But then, there are things to do in Istanbul, and Istanbul is a beautiful city to look around. The blue Mosque is a must visit, and so are Topkapi Palace and Dolmabahce Palace.
    However when you are in Istanbul, you must make it a point to visit Grand Bazaar, considered by many to be one of the finest Istanbul attractions. Some of the stuff you are sure to find is beautiful lamps, candles, lots of Turkish delight, and a whole lot of souvenirs.
    You may choose to admire the city from Galata Tower, as the sun sets over roofs and spires.

  • Eid Wishes to All


    Eid ul Fitr is a very special day, and one makes a transition from fasting to prayer. One also gets an opportunity to relax after an entire month of fasting.

    During the Eid holidays, comes a new festivity, which brings happiness. This is celebrated with much joy and enthusiasm, and one finds people adorning new clothes on Eid.

    Along with Eid, come some of its prized benefits.

    1. Charity

    Charity forms a very special part of Eid, and one can share what one has with the needy. Earlier, charity was often done in the form of gifts and presents, and now, food and cash is preferably given to the needy.

    2. Joy and Thanksgiving

    Eid is the perfect opportunity for prayers, and thanking Allah for all that one has. One gets a chance to express his gratitude for the opportunities one has, one’s strength and good health, which have been bestowed upon one by almighty Allah. So one must perform the good deeds, and also fast.

    However on Eid, it is considered unholy to fast. Eid is the occasion when we forget our grudges towards other people.

    3. Forgiveness and Resolutions

    If one is a faithful believer, the festival of Eid is extremely important. It is often believed that on Eid, one can make resolutions, and also get over the angers that existed in the past. The joy that one feels at the end of Ramadan is because of the task which has been completed successfully.

    4. Unity and solidarity

    For all who had fasted during Ramadan, Eid ul Fitr is an extremely special day. And when we convey Eid wishes and pray during Eid, it signifies unity among all Muslims in the world.

    Muslims are thus encouraged to wear good clothes and put on perfume, when they say their prayers.

  • The Night of Laylat Al Qadar


    The night of laylat al qadar is a festival in Islam, and is celebrated at all places. This night falls on the one of the last ten days of the holy month of Ramzaan.

    This is known as the shab e qadr night, and also as the night of power, and it is on this night that Allah revealed the Holy Quran to Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him). Another very common belief is that the night of Laylat al Qadar defines a person’s fate for the year that follows.

    One’s sins are forgiven, if he prays for the entire night.

    As per beliefs, it was on the night of Laylat al Qadar, that angel Gabriel first spoke to the holy prophet (PBUH). This marked the beginning of the prophet’s mission, but the revelations carried on throughout his life. It is very commonly believed, that the night of Laylat al Qadar occurs on one of the last ten nights of Ramadan.

    So during the last ten days of Ramazaan, people make an extra effort to pray for forgiveness, and also read the Quran. It is in this period, that one’s prayers are answered, and one receives the blessings of Almighty Allah.

    Families are likely to spend their time together at a Mosque during the last ten days of Ramadan. So this is a time for building community spirit, and also for worship.

  • Making the Perfect Iftar Meal for Your Family


    There are some tricks to make the perfect Iftar meal for your family. And that’s very important, because Iftar is going to be the most substantial meal you would have in the day.
    If the Iftar meal is healthful, it provides the necessary nutrition to the body, without requiring one to ingest too many calories.

    So one must try and have a healthy Iftar meal, instead of a heavy Iftar meal, which can fill the stomach excessively.

    Here are some very basic ideas, which can help you figure out some very smart recipes for Ramadan, and go for Ramadan dinner recipes that are healthful for your family.

    1. One has to choose smartly. So one would have to make a choice among the various food groups that are available.
    And if one varies the intake within food groups, that would be healthier still for the body.
    Some of the foods one must include in the diet more often are:-

    o Wholegrain bread, long grain rice and brown pasta.
    o Lots of veggies.
    o At least 2 servings of fruits.
    o Fish, lean meat cuts and skinless chicken
    o Low fat dairy products, which allow you to have the required calcium in the diet.

    2. Similarly, it is equally important to try and make sure that one cooks the food using healthy cooking methods.
    o You may choose to cook your dishes with a variety of vegetables.
    o And then, one must try and make sure that fat and salt in the diet are absolute minimal. So that makes the meal healthier for the heart.
    o If one goes for soups, one is able to replenish the body with the fluids lost during fasting. And alternately, while soups boost one’s immunity, they also act as a fine source of vitamins, minerals and fibres.

  • All about the 786 Taveez


    786 Taveez is a tremendously powerful amulet which defends one comprehensively against any negative vibrations that may prevail in the environment.
    As the 786 Taveez is adorned, it automatically creates a protective shield around oneself and one’s family. This secures an individual not just against negative energies in the environment, but also protects one against enemies that may be hidden on unseen.

    How is a 786 Taveez made?
    786 Taveez is a 10 carat silver pendant, created in an attractive capsule shape, and comes with an enticing black thread. It is meant to be worn as a necklace or tied around the arm, but only using a black thread.
    A cat’s eye stone (also called Enulahara) embedded in its centre makes the 786 Taveez distinctive and all the more effective. Cats Eye gemstone is well renowned for its extraordinary talismanic powers.

    The benefits of adorning a 786 Taveez:
    While the 786 Taveez offers protection to an individual, it also bestows many remunerative business opportunities on him. This pendant is particularly lucrative for the ones involved with marine industry, adventures sports, share market and all streams of medicine etc.
    With 786 Taveez, one is able to overcome physical weakness, and also all types of mental worries or depression.

  • The 786 Taveez


    Talismans bring joy and prosperity to life. Adorning a talisman invariably yields positive effects in an individual’s life and safeguards him in all ways possible.

    Alternately, a talisman is associated with rendering good health and prosperity to the wearer.And as a person adorns or uses a talisman, he is able to bring focus to his thoughts, and directs his energies towards achievement of goals in life. With a talisman, an individual is empowered to move towards his destiny, and receives the right kind of orientation to be successful in life.

    A Taveez is a magical talisman or a charm. This has a lot of significance in Islam.
    History of Taveez

    Taveez has been used for hundreds of years. This brings good luck and safeguards the wearer against all negative influences that prevail in the environment. So by adorning a taveez, one can overcome all these unfavorable effects, and move ahead on his path towards success in life.

    Over centuries, taveez has been made in different ways and has been a part of life of many people. And even in present times, a very large number of people prefer to wear a taveez and always feel the gracious presence of almighty Allah.
    While the historic taveez often consisted of verses of Quran written on a piece of paper, the present day taveez may be made using new technologies, even though their true essence remains the same.

    786 Taveez
    786 Taveez is a beautiful amulet made in sterling silver and has a cat’s eye stone embedded in the centre. It comes with an enticing black thread and may be worn around the neck or tied on the arm to infuse positivity in the wearer’s living environment.


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