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Aqeeq stone

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Yemeni Aqeeq

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Aqeeq stone has a great significance in Islam. Wearing a Yemeni Aqeeq not just creates joy in the heart, but it also absorbs rays of the sun and passes these on to the body. This makes it very positive for our health. 

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With a Yemeni Aqeeq, one gets over the sadness. The Stone has been used since the times of Hazrat Adam, and is revered in other faiths as well.

Using a Tasbeeh made from Aqeeq is a great thawaab, as said by Hazrat Imam Musa e Kazim ( a.s.). But the modern knowledge tells us even more about the benefits of Yemeni Aqeeq stone.

Also known as Carnelian stone, the Yemeni Aqeeq is recognized for its mental grounding powers. This ensures success in life by making sure that all our mental powers are focused at a single point. Yemeni Aqeeq really boosts the creativity and helps in problem solving, so the mind is able to get over the ruts or blockages.

With a Yemeni Aqeeq, one can ensure better problem solving because the stone always reminds one of one’s future goals. But the positivity that is present in a Carnelian extends to medicinal benefits as well.

With its earthtone colors, Yemeni Aqeeq or agate gemstone nourishes the physical body, and there is a better coordination between all body parts. Disharmonies are then resolved, and with its earthy colors, Aqeeq makes it easier for us to live in the physical world.

With the Yemeini Aqeeq, mental functions are sharpened so one can see things from a progressed viewpoint. 

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